The conflict between The Sound Of Thunder and Pandemic Horde, which has been raging for almost a year and is commonly referred to as World War Thunder, has seen it’s first major succesful Horde operation late last night. A large Horde fleet, led by Chrisj Shakiel, managed to reinforce Imperial Thunderpalace through overwhelming force, crippling the shields and pushing it into armour for theĀ  first time in its existence.

I managed to speak to CEO Carlos Warren who was adamant that whether we win or lose the hull timer, it will not fundamentally change anything for TSOTH. “Lirerim is our home system and we will remain here” he said. “If we lose this Astrahus, we will anchor another one as soon as the war is over. Our industrial capacity is getting stronger by the day and we could easily afford to anchor a new Astra every single week if it comes to that. TSOTH will not be evicted from Lirerim”

It cannot be disputed however that this represents an interesting development in the war. Until now, the momentum in World War Thunder has largely been with TSOTH. Scoring victory after victory in most of our strategic objectives, and scaring a significant majority of directors and line members into fleeing across the map to Delve, it was beginning to look as though TSOTH was invincible. However this successful counter attack shows that Horde are far from defeated. While our onslaught may have significantly reduced their sphere of influence in nullsec, Pandemic Horde are still a force to be reckoned with and people would do well not to underestimate them. World War Thunder is far from over.

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