As World War Thunder now enters it’s 12 month, we take a look back at what happened in April


The momentum of war was largely in TSOTH’s favour, with continued attacks against Horde infrastructure and miners. Though Horde scored a few consolation victories, most notably reinforcing the Imperial Thunderstar for the first time in its history, this was the exception to what has been a thoroughly one-sided war. Ratting and mining indices were down across the board in all systems we camped, along with a¬† general sense of frustration and plummeting morale from Horde line members. It is hard to blame them, considering the awful position they have been left in. Senior Horde leadership started the conflict with TSOTH and having brought our wrath down on their alliance, have fled for their own safety to Delve, leaving random line members (many of whom have never had a quarrrel with us) holding the bag. In terms of WWT, April saw:


  • Multiple Horde attacks against the Imperial Thunderstar were repulsed by TSOTH gunners, and unconventional tactics
  • Most profitable month of our rental program yet
  • Additional entrenchment of Fortress Metropolis with 3 new Astrahuses (paid for by Horde!)
  • Our in-house custom Auth system deployed and all members registered
  • Our first capital ship, a Moros-class Dreadnought named the USS Thunderstruck rolled off the production line.¬†Thunderstruck¬†is sitting in the station on a neutral toon in Tabbetzur until deployment


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