In one of their most impressive attacks in World War Thunder yet, Pandemic Horde destroyed 3/4 of the Astrahuses/Astrahii decorating our throne system in Lirerim. A Horde Armada fleet led by Itaritz Klein launched the attack at the end of April. TSOTH Intelligence was aware of the planned assault itself thanks to a well placed spy, but we could not ascertain the precise number the fleet would be bringing. As a result, our defensive preparations were not enough and we lost several Astrahus in the ensuing battle. However we were able to repulse their assault on our Imperial Thunderpalace. The Palace is the most heavily fortified and well defended structure and can put up far more resistance than our other structures, which I think caught Horde by surprise when they slammed into the brick wall of ECM Max Cancer Structure Fighter Spam we are notorious for.

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