Last night saw a surprise attack on the TSOTH stronghold of Lirerim by Pandemic Horde forces. A fleet led by Itaritz Klein reinforced 3/4 Astrahii shield timers, creating two timers for tonight and a third on Saturday night. The enemy came prepared, knew what they were doing, and knew exactly when to strike. As always, TSOTH defenders manned the guns and fired on the enemy non stop, continually jamming and neutralizing, sending wave after wave of standup fighters into the meat grinder, and in general causing great disruption and being a massive pain in the ass for the enemy. This is in line with our Citadel-Defence Doctrine (developed by me after lessons learned in Airaken I might add!) descriptively named¬† “Operation Max Cancer”.¬† Only the Thunder Squad Headquarters remained undamaged, the reasons why are as yet unclear.


Update: Following on these timers, Horde returned and managed to win the subsequent armour and hull timers on the Thunderstar of Dickbutt, destroying it and thus ending the most recent wardec due to the destruction of the War HQ. They were however, unable to beat the other three Astrahus we have in system. Although technically a loss in terms of killboard stats, this also shows the relative success of our fortification of Metropolis. Horde sent the Horde Armada corp, which is essentially Horde “special forces” to come and attack our fortress system. They sent the best of the best and inflicted damage, but at the end of the day simply could not crack Fortress Metropolis.

The First Battle Of Lirerim is over. And while both sides may learn from the engagement and use it to continually refine techniques, one thing is clear. World War Thunder is not over by a long shot.

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