“TSOTH rule Kalevala like the Krays ruled London”


Organized crime can be separated from disorganized crime by their primary focus. Those involved in disorganized crime are criminals first, and they sometimes make money from their crimes. Organized criminals work in reverse. They primarily operate as a business, and commit crime as a means to an end, namely the success of their business ventures. One of the main forms of organized crime in the EVE universe is the age old “protection racket” scheme. A protection racket is basically extortion with a thin veil of legitimacy.  Organized crime syndicates will visit the businesses in an area and offer them “protection” for a fee. It’s made abundantly clear that the “protection” is generally from the crime syndicate itself, as they will start vandalize and attack any businesses who don’t join the scheme. Although some syndicates do also provide genuine security and protection from outside threats as well.


It should come as no surprise in the sandbox of EVE Online that many players have also started similar schemes. But the most well known is our very own TSOTH Kalevala Protection Racket, which sees Pandemic Horde krabbers forced to pay TSOTH 250 million ISK each per month if they want to mine and rat safely. What separates our protection racket from the others is the sheer scale of it (never has one corp subjugated an entire region the way we have) and our utter ruthlessness. We are the only corp in EVE with polarized proteus doctrines that are happy to take on brick-tanked Skiffs and Procurers regularly. When we started, Horde scoffed at the idea we could take them on and impose a racket on this scale, insisting nobody would ever buy a permit from us. When they started to realize they were wrong on both counts, it was too late to do anything as our operation was firmly entrenched. Word of our success had simply spread to far to suppress. Everyone in Kalevala now knows that we do honour our word as long as you pay up, and also that we are extremely brutal towards anyone mining without a permit. Both of those are extremely important if we are to get people to part with their ISK. Miners and ratters need to know the consequences of not bending the knee, but equally we can’t be too brutal with them. Our primary focus is making ISK, not getting killmails. As long as miners buy their permits, we are happy to leave  them well alone. Our success has led to krabbers all over TKE fearing our presence, with several remarking the TSOTH rule Kalevala like the Krays ruled London. Referring to Ronnie & Reggie Kray’s brutal reign over the criminal underworld in London in the 1960’s. The fact that a relatively small 10 man corp like TSOTH has gained such notoriety among an alliance of thousands really speaks volumes to our success.

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