World War Thunder has seen a recent lull in offensive operations from TSOTH. The recent WCS/nulli changes have forced our fleet to withdraw back to the safety of Fortress Metropolis and undergo a complete overhaul/refit. While this is taking place, we cannot carry out attacks on Horde space in Kalevala, so we are using the time to consolidate our position.

Our miners are gorging on the asteroid belts of Lirerim. Our industrialists salivating over the ever-increasing mineral stockpiles in our corporate hangars. Our CEO is hopeful of recruiting some new players, and our PVPers are training and developing new doctrines and tactics to use against Horde once we head back out into TKE. Horde will undoubtedly be glad of the short respite in our campaign, but this is very much the calm before the storm and they will bear the full brunt of our wrath again before long.

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