After the surprising news on Wednesday night than Pandemic Legion had declared war on us, TSOTH Intelligence was tasked with finding out more details and monitoring for potential signs of aggression. Our spy network got to work immediately and at about 1800 server time on Thursday night we received word that a PL bomber fleet was going to launch an attack just before midnight. We logged in our Chain Home network of neutral eyes stationed all around Metropolis and spotted the PL fleet entering the region, at which point they were covertly followed and tracked all the way to their target – The 1st Imperial Thunderpalace in Lirerim. Once they started their attack, our security forces quickly opened fire and tore the fleet to shreds, scoring 6 kills and suffering 0 losses. The remaining bombers, knowing defeat was inevitable, wisely fled rather than stick around to be slaughtered.

As for what caused the initial wardec by PL, it could be anything. But we have made no secret of the fact that our ultimate goal is the complete eradication of the blue donut in EVE. PL is a large part of that blue donut, and although our current focus is Pandemic Horde, we will eventually bring our force to bear on the Legion as well. My personal view is that PL feel intimidated by our threat and tried to nip the TSOTH threat in the bud, with a quick and decisive victory. And like so many before them, they have had a rude awakening when they realize that the little guy fights back.

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