Personal Blog Post From CEO Carlos Warren

After Pandemic Legion’s humiliating defeat to TSOTH in the Second Battle Of Lirerim, they retreated to regroup and have now formed a coalition with two other groups; TEST Alphas Please Ignore, and BLACKFLAG. Both of those groups have now joined the PL campaign against us, and recent intelligence suggests they are planning to use their combined forces to launch a major attack on our Imperial Thunderpalace.

I want to reassure all of our members that our corporation will continue to operate throughout this war. I also want to reassure you that your directors are safe, and TSOTH Command is still functional. I have been safely escorted to a secure location elsewhere in Metropolis where I will continue to lead and coordinate the response of those who are defending our infrastructure.

Critically important corp assets like our BPO library, ships, and strategic stockpiles, have been moved to an NPC station in Yrmori as a precaution. We are now in a position to offer this service to line members who would like to move any of their assets to the safety of the NPC station too. This will be a free service, no charge whatsoever.

I also want to thank you for sticking with TSOTH and for your continued support throughout this conflict. The Sound Of Thunder stands for corp independence, freedom, and liberty from the stifling influence of coalitions and blue donuts. We will never stop fighting for our ideals, and we will not bow to bullying and intimidation from groups like TEST or BLACKFLAG. We will meet the challenges of this conflict come what may, and we will never surrender. From me, and from the rest of the directors, thank you and together we will win this war!

Thank you,

Carlos Warren


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