Updated: Target List


For several months now we have been stepping up our interdiction and PVE-denial operations against Pandemic Horde forces in Kalevala as part of Operation Kalevala Shield. The aims of this operation was to maintain a constant presence in Horde local, continually broadcast carefully tailored propaganda to degrade and demoralize the line members. To let them know that The Sound Of Thunder special forces can enter their territory unharmed and educate their members about what a terrible alliance Horde really is. Earlier today, when Carlos Warren was on duty patrolling Kalevala he was attacked and shot down by a Horde fleet in an unprovoked attack. This is now causing us to move from the Shield phase to the more aggressive and direct Storm phase. We now move to Operation Kalevala Storm.

The aims for this Operation will be to strike hard and fast at Horde command and control structures (major staging Astras/Forts), hunt down and gank/suicide gank High Value Targets like Gobbins, Ebag, to throw the chain of command into chaos. In short we aim to replicate the success of US forces during Operation Desert Storm, hence the similar names. We are going to bring Horde to their knees, and show them what happens when you mess with TSOTH. You mess with the bull, you get the horns. And we’re about to show them how horny we can be!

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