Operation Kalevala Storm began tonight with an opening salvo against a Pandemic Horde raitaru in highsec. Overwhelming TSOTH firepower brought to bear on the structure, while a carefully managed misinformation campaign ensured that Horde defence fleets were looking the other way. We had earlier leaked suggestions that we would be attacking an Athanor in Airaken, so while Horde were busy looking in one direction, we attacked from a different direction. A classic deception operation that Horde have repeatedly shown themselves particularly susceptible to falling for.

While the raitaru in question did not officially belong to Horde proper, TSOTH Intelligence understands that many Horde players were using it as a secret base of operations for industry and production. Taking advantage of it being a neutral structure not officially linked to Horde allowed them to safely carry out industry jobs there without worrying about TSOTH assaults. Or so they thought. This first strike in our new campaign demonstrates that such thinking is flawed, and that there is no structure where Horde can hide from us. If they are using any structure, whether an official Horde one or a neutral one, we will know about it and that structure will become a valid target and it will be destroyed. This is the Shock & Awe warfare doctrine applied to EVE.

Our assessment suggests that the destruction of this raitaru sets Horde back approximately 1.5 billion ISK a week. This is just the opening salvo in our campaign to tighten the noose and topple Pandemic Horde once and for all.

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One thought on “Shock & Awe Against Pandemic Horde Begins”
  1. well i love the fact your shit in high sec just got reinforced eh and as you was crying in local 2 a hour before new year man thats cruel ” .
    so you and your 3 man corp against alliance ? you need to get some help dude . also you may need to upgrade that pc you got there im sure my phone would run eve better than that .

    happy new year see you when we come back to reinforce rest your shit.

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