With the news hitting Reddit last night of the Capital Fusion. corporation leaving Horde alliance , are the cracks in Horde starting to become too big to paper over?

TSOTH has been utterly relentless in our psychological warfare and demoralization campaign against Horde and clearly this is starting to pay off in a very noticeable way. Horde High Command outwardly continue to maintain the party line that “TSOTH is irrelevant and nothing you do affects us” but developments like this clearly prove otherwise. If long-term member corporations of Horde are leaving to get away from the strain that TSOTH offensive operations are putting them under, I call that a success.

Our quarrel is Pandemic Horde itself, not individual members corporations. As CAPF have now left the alliance, I want to reassure their leadership that they are now safe from us. We will not be attacking them or their structures. I also want to invite any other corps in Horde who are starting to feel the heat of our campaign against you to leave the alliance now. If you do, you will be safe from our attacks as well

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2 thoughts on “Cracks Forming In The Pandemic Horde Alliance?”
  1. “TSOTH is irrelevant and nothing you do affects us” Truer words have never been spoken online. Thank you.

  2. “Nobody sees anybody truly but all through the flaws of their own egos.” And flawed yours truly is 😉
    – Tennessee Williams

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