The Sound Of Thunder is pleased to unveil our new freight service, TSOTH Logistics. Whatever cargo you want moved, wherever you want it moved to, we can help.

  • Joining Horde and want us to bring your highsec assets to Airaken? We’ll move your stuff from Jita – Airaken for just 5 Million ISK (special discounted rate for this route)
  • Need more ammunition brought to your mission running area?
  • Low security status and need your assets in 1.0 space moved somewhere more accessible?


These are just a few examples of where our new freight service can help you.


Fees/Terms & Conditions

  • The price is a flat 1 million ISK per jump. 3 jumps would therefore cost 3 million ISK. Same-system courier contracts are 500k ISK. Jita – Airaken is a flat 5 million ISK special discounted fee
  • Maximum collateral at the moment is 1 billion ISK
  • Maximum cargo we can haul is 950,000 m3
  • Only high security space and routes at the moment. Low security and null security service is being considered for later

Want to use our service? You can go right ahead and set up a contract to The Sound Of Thunder in line with the fees above, and we will get to work on it right away.


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