The Claim: Horde claimed to have destroyed the 1st Imperial Thunderpalace on 14th January. Did they?
The Truth: No. But they did kill a different TSOTH citadel in Lirerim


Horde claim that in their most recent wardec against us, that they destroyed the capital of the TSOTH empire – The 1st Imperial Thunderpalace Astrahus in Lirerim. A basic investigation shows this is simply untrue. The 1st Imperial Thunderpalace is alive and at full health, and anyone can verify this by going to Lirerim to see it for themselves.

However, there’s more to it than that. Misinformation, while being untrue, often contains a small nugget of truth which is then exaggerated and twisted to suit a narrative. In this instance, it is no different. HordeĀ didĀ destroy an Astrahus in Lirerim, just not the 1st Imperial Thunderpalace. While they have had a lot of success recently in going after TSOTH structures, they seem unable to break the Imperial Thunderpalace. Perhaps that structure is the 1DQ of highsec – An impregnable fortress?

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