Several months ago, I unveiled Operationa Kalevala Storm, an intense campaign of bombardment against Pandemic Horde to punish them for multiple counts of unprovoked aggression against TSOTH pilots. In that time, we have been relentless in our assault. We have camped their ratters and miners round the clock, unleashed our unique brand of psychological warfare/demoralization, continued our infiltration of the alliance with several alts now in Blessed Beans and other API-gated groups. Our intelligence analysts have hunted down multiple Horde-affiliated neutral structures in highsec which our combat group has then destroyed. As a result of achieving our objectives, we are now in a position to scale down offensive operations in the region.

The TSOTH Intelligence Directorate estimates that we have set HordesĀ  industrial capability back by at least a year. It will take them months to replace and recover from what we destroyed. Our presence in Kalevala also forced them to cut short their war against Goons, quickly retreating from Delve in an attempt to shore up defences in Kalevala against TSOTH hostilities. This will have embarrassed them significantly on the nullsec political stage. In addition, we’ve successfully repulsed multiple Horde attacks on our own infrastructure, including destroying 2 BUSA lokis that foolishly attempted to aggress our Perimeter War HQ.

It is important to note that this does not mean our war with Horde is over. Nothing short of their complete disbandment would lead to us declaring that war over. All this means is that the recent “burst” in intensity of our campaign against them will now drop back down to the normal, low level guerrilla warfare levels. To Horde players I say this:

  • We’ve infiltrated your supposedly “secure” comms. We see every word you say in Discord
  • We have eyes everywhere. The corp mate you enjoy chatting with? Maybe you shouldn’t be trusting him so much…
  • Our intel division knows the location of many “neutral” structures in highsec you are using for production. At any time, we might wardec and blow them up.


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