The offensive against Pandemic Horde in Airaken is largely going according to plan. While we have not achieved our initial goal of quickly reinforcing the Horde Forward Operating Base Sotiyo, we have launched attacks against several key Athanors that play a major part in what remains of Pandemic Horde’s dwindling industrial capacity. I know some of you have expressed objections to this war, and I hear your concerns. But we simply cannot allow Pandemic Horde to regrow to the point they become a threat to us again. When TSOTH evicted Horde from the Kalevala Expanse, we dealt them a humiliating blow, and turned them into a laughing stock among nullsec powers. They will not quickly forget that. That is why it is important we maintain the pressure, and keep hammering away at their industrial and economic capability. It is important we do not allow them the room to grow to the point they could be in a position to avenge the crippling blow we dealt that.

Horde have, meanwhile, achieved a very small victory in destroying an undefended decoy Astrahus we placed in the system to draw attention away from our main staging positions. The Art Of War emphasizes the importance of deception in warfare, and it’s amazing how often Horde prove themselves susceptible to it when they really should know better.

Horde leadership have since started a misinformation campaign about the war, lying to their line members that this was our War HQ (it wasn’t) and that we were actively defending it yet still lost (we weren’t). Their attempts at controlling the narrative by spreading lies are laughably transparent and we are happy to report that most line members, demoralized by months of conflict with TSOTH, are starting to tire of Horde High Command’s endless excuses. The noose is tightening around the neck of the alliance – We burned their Kalevala infrastructure to the ground, we have heavily damaged their highsec moon mining operation. Our attacks against Horde military capacity have left them largely incapable of carrying out any offensive operations outside Perrigen Falls.

2 thoughts on “Update On The War Against Horde”
    Dude give up you have no power and never will stop trying to fight a battle you are not physicaly or mentally equipped to fight.
    your a joke to the horde always have been and always will be.
    your just the venture slayer so please as I feel sorry for you. stop your shit and go bug some crop you actually have a chance with.
    catch you later venture slayer

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