At one point the mere thought of it would be as incomprehensible as BoB and Goons forming a truce, or Valve releasing HL3 on time. TSOTH and Horde have been locked in a bitter conflict for years, but now some are beginning to speculate that a peace deal might be worked out between the two rival powers. What the exact terms of such a treaty would be is as yet unclear, but we can make a number of educated guesses.

  • Horde is likely to insist on a complete cessation of all aggression and cloaky camping of their ratters and miners by TSOTH forces
  • They may also seek reimbursement for infrastructure that TSOTH destroyed while evicting them from Kalevala
  • TSOTH will likely want unimpeded access to certain Horde systems for mining. It is no secret that TSOTH want to expand their mining and industrial base but have been severely hampered by their lack of access to null ores.  It is thought this is one of their main motivations for coming to the negotiating table.
  • Both powers may want access to each others structures in space
  • Carlos Warren apparently wants Horde to remove the blanket ban on any TSOTH member joining Horde. While he accepts he personally is unlikely to be taken off it (and has no intentions of joining even if he was) he acknowledges that the initial war with Horde started because of a merc contract he accepted that took us into battle with them. He considers it unfair that other corp members, who may wish to leave TSOTH at some stage, be penalized for his actions.

It remains to be seen whether any kind of peace deal can be hashed out. There is years of arguments and mutual distrust between the two powers that diplomats on both sides will have to contend with if they want to see a successful deal established. Stay tuned to find out more.

One thought on “TSOTH & Horde: Could Two Mortal Enemies Be On The Brink Of A Peace Treaty?”
  1. Your post implies that TSOTH is actually, in any remote sense, relevant. You’re not. The “damage” you are inflicting on Horde is minimal, what do you get like a handful of mining barges and ventures every month? It’s such a meaningless amount of ISK that it’s not noticeable to anyone, even newbeans on an individual level let alone the alliance. So your analogy and blog photo suggesting some epic clash of two rival superpowers is a heap of crap. If anything, you’re more like the North Korea of EVE a complete laughing stock that every now and then stomps your feet and demand everyone take you seriously despite the fact you can barely kill unarmed ratters.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I admire this whole narrative you are trying to create, that of the little guy versus the big guy. Everyone loves an underdog story, just look at the Rocky franchise. But in those films, the underdog is actually somewhat competent. You….sorry to say this and I know it will sound insulting….are not. You’re a lousy player Carlos and I mean that in the nicest way possible although it may not seem that way. Now what I will say about you, to your credit, is that you’ve got determination and committment. Every time we bash your War HQ you make us work for it, you know how to use citadel guns and standup fighters well and our logi always needs to be on the ball. It is rare we come up against that, most structure defenders just give up in the face of an overwhelming bash fleet. You fight to the end, and every now and then that persistence pays off. Managing to kill Drekavacs and Lokis even when they have plenty of logi support on field is quite the achievement. But when it comes to ship v ship PVP you’re just not very good. I know you don’t want to join the “megacorps” as you call them. That is fair enough and again, quite admirable. But if you really want to be an (effective) little guy taking the fight to the big powers, I would suggest you at least spend a few months with us, or if you really don’t want to do that. Get a bit of practice and mentoring in PVP so that when you come back to camping and attacking us, you’ll be tougher and able to put up more of a fight. That will be better for us too – More actual fighting instead of you just hiding cloaked at a safe 12 hours a day. And I genuinely hope that you do become a better player, and start killing more of us because that will actually be fun, and then we can try adapting to your new tactics and you can adapt to ours.

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