Carlos’s Contraption, a Tengu-class cruiser belonging to The Sound Of Thunder corporation, has been destroyed in the TDP-T3 system of Perrigen Falls. The cruiser had been taking part in offensive operations against Pandemic Horde in the system,  destroying multiple targets single handedly before finally being probed down and ambushed by a swarm of Horde players. This tactic, swarming the enemy with overwhelming numbers, has been successfully employed by Horde on numerous occassions to compensate for a lack of skill. It is widely known that most Horde players have a fairly rudimentary knowledge of PVP and game mechanics, but ultimately if you can swamp the enemy 20-1, it often doesn’t matter. As they say, all is fair in love and war, and if Horde can find tactics that work for them, they are entitled to use them.

One thought on “TSOTH Tengu Down In TDP-T3”
  1. The targets your Tengu “destroyed single handedly” were ventures, and MTU’s. And the “overwhelming swarm” that ambushed you was like 2 guys in frigates and destroyers. I thought you were an elite player who had vastly superior skill and knowledge of game mechanics. And standing fleet is full of unthinking F1-pushers so you always say, surely you are capable of beating 2 of them?

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