Savings Accounts

TSOTH Savings Accounts

Earn Up to 6% Interest On Your ISK!

The Sound Of Thunder is proud to present our new Regular Savings Account. Players can make regular ISK contributions to a savings account with us, and will receive interest on their deposits.


  • You can donate as little as 1 Million ISK or as much as 300 Million ISK each month. Payment is due on the 1st of each month.


  • Interest is paid monthly. When opening your account you can choose to have interest paid out to your wallet at the end of each month, or leave it in your savings account to benefit from the power of compounding (earning interest on interest)



– You save 300 Million ISK with us each month and leave the interest in your account. At the end of the first month you will receive 1.5 Million ISK in interest. At the end of the second month you will earn 1.5075 Million ISK.


Sounds Great! Where Do I Signup?

This service is new, and at the moment we don’t have any front-end system for people to view and manage their account so it all needs to be done manually. If you want to open an account pleaase EVEMail Carlos Warren¬†with the mail title “Open Savings Account”. You will be assigned a unique ID, which will function as your account number. At the 1st of the next month, you will make your first deposit and use your account number as the “reason” in the wallet sending box. If you want to withdraw money or check your existing balance, you can send an EVEMail to me with your account number asking for the info.